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Vigrom Corp.


Vigrom Corp. is an established international startup that has successfully grown in the iGaming industry over the past 12 years, developing a wide range of products for Europe, Latin America and India. Our company is constantly expanding its worldwide presence with over 100 employees dedicated to developing software and products for our international clients. We believe that our success is based on understanding the needs of our market and having the most talented specialists aboard who share the same core values and passion for creative solutions. We have a dedicated team of collaborators that contribute to our success, working remotely from Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Here are some of our core values:

  • Development: Our philosophy is to actively invest in the future of every employee that wants to be part of the growth-mindset culture and set ambitious career goals.
  • Diversity: Creating the best product is not an easy task, but by gathering such a passion-driven and culturally diverse team, we’re able to come up with incredible ideas.
  • Vigorous: It takes the right combination of know-how and craftsmanship to make the best product, but the driving force to ensure it meets the required standards and the enthusiasm for what we do is always there.
  • Fortitude: It allows us to overcome the obstacles of an ever-changing environment and remain resilient in the face of adversity and gives us the strength to carry on and strive for the best results.

Come and join Vigrom’s awesome team! Let’s conquer new heights in the global gaming industry together!

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